There once was a friend

There once was a friend

I didn’t have

Who knew me better than none

To the top of the hill

We would go

To that house

That once stood there, you know

Oh, silly I am

SoΒ  I did go in

One, two, three

Monster come to me


You see, my dearest friend

Didn’t know me back when

The monster lived within me

There once was a house

On top of a hill

Where a very bad monster

No, wait

Where I used to live


This poem isΒ  how the story from There once was a house continued, so now you know …


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The pictures have been edited, but they are from by utoplec.

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  1. marc douglas photography

    Monsters … only monsters
    because theyre trapped inside.
    unlock the doors
    unchain the claws
    open all the windows wide

    Monsters… no more monsters
    out in the sun n breeze
    free to glide
    roaming wide
    pleasing who they please

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