The Beach

My very first post 🙂


       “Look at her.”  

       “She looks like shit.”

       “I know.”

       “Why is she even coming here?”

       “Probably some retarded reason.”

They turn towards me. Jacob hands me a cigarette. What should I say, it is definitely my time to speak.

       I inhale.

“It’s creepy,” I say as I blow out the smoke, but I should say something more. “She shouldn’t be allowed to come here,” I try, but they don’t seem impressed. I need something worse. “Why don’t we just chase her away?” I really do say that. The words come out of my mouth and everything, without the smoke this time. They are staring at me now. Surprised. Not sure what to think.

       “You really think so?” Michael seems insecure.

       “Why not, we should teach her a lesson,” Margo interrupts, I knew…

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