Sitting on the Beach

So this is a music post about my latest song Melancholy Beach. I am not sure what to call the music I make, I guess it could be EDM since this song is made of electronic instruments, but then again I guess it might sound a little “old/retro?” to be EDM. No idea… 😉 I think I prefer to think of this song as tropical, which seems to be a “genre” I come back too.


It must be a couple of years ago now that I listened to an Avicii song on a vacation and started wondering how they make that type of music. I could play the ukulele and the guitar, I could sing, but it didn’t give me that many options when I wanted to make a song. I can’t play the drums or put in a piano solo if I have to actually play the instruments for real (or I could, but it wouldn’t sound very good…. 😉), so all these electronic instruments made me feel a lot more free when it came to making music.


This retro beach song has already gotten its own story, that you can read if you want Melancholy Beach

Maybe not your typical beach story, but it does happen on a beach, and the beach is called Melancholy Beach. 😊


Melancholy Beach 

Oh I’m just someone sitting on the beach

If you saw me

You would not believe

The life I’ve had

The things that I have done

No wonder that I cannot move on

Oh, I remember this very beach

When I was young and carefree

It seems so long ago

Too long now

Seems like a different word somehow


The wind is strong

Blowing fast

Rain falls hard

Don’t know just where I’ll go

Don’t know just where I’ll go

UUUhhh……. 😉


Oh I’m so sorry

If I have made you feel

All of my melancholy

I just don’t know

How to smile

With all these feelings

Hiding inside

Oh I just want

Another chance

To live my life

A different plan

To start again

This time I will

Not regret



The wind is strong

Blowing fast

Rain falls hard

No place left to go

No place left to go

UUUhhh……. 😉


About the song:
Singing/Lyrics/music composition/mixing: Therese J (Me)

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  1. lostperci

    I find trouble with the rest of the instruments too! I don’t play keyboards but with modern software I can make one note on the keyboard become a chord which is all I need for backing! The alternative would be to get a guitar synth but I’m not really into that! The song works so well and I’m loving the richer sound you’re getting!

    Liked by 1 person

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