While my feet find the sand


So it is time for another music post, and since it is still summer I am going to continue with another summer song 😊 but this time a very old one. So let me take you back to where it all started (my obsession with beach songs that is 😉). I do believe this was my first summer song with a tropical feeling.


(Looking at this GIF now, I am not sure that it is all tropical, but it sure is one beautiful beach, so it will have to do 😊)

It has been 4 years since I put this song on SoundCloud, time passes quickly it seems. This is the original The Beach song which I actually collaborated with musicians across the world (or I guess they are both from USA, but still … far away from Norway😊) to get some more instruments for it. This means that the drums are actually from a real drummer (Raul) this time, and the bass is a real bassplayer (Dan), and the ukulele is still me 😉


This song is therefore from my pre-electronic period it would seem, and sometimes like with this song it could be really fun to collaborate with people, but other times I would use a lot of time on something and then it just wouldn’t become anything, which I think lead me to want to do it all myself. Independent woman it seems 😉 Still it is always great to have other people involved in projects, when you got good people to work with!


This song is a bit special to me since it also was the first song I chose to make a story for, my first “MyStoriesWithMusic”- post on this blog, that you can read here if you want to: The Beach , so first beach song with the first blog post, a lot of firsts it seems 😊


The Beach

Verse 1

Oh I’m not gonna say it
But aiaiaiai I got something you need
And if you you you you you you come on down to the beach
We’ll play around
Have some fun
Be okay
And I’ll see you, I’ll see you,
I’ll see you, I’ll see you


Listen, oh it’s time
Let’s get ready and go dance
Just wait a minute while my feet find the sand
And the beat, oh it finds us
And it it goes straight through us
Oh just let it go go go right now
Oh listen, oh it’s time
Let’s get ready and go dance,
Just wait a minute while my feet find the sand

Verse 2:

Oh the winds blowing soft now
But aiaiaiaiai I see the ocean come closer
And if you you you you you wanna swim along with me
We’ll find that wave
We’ll get away
We’ll be okay
And I’ll see you, I’ll see you
I’ll see you, I’ll see you

Verse 3

Oh you don’t really know me
But aiaiaiai I wanna take you away
And if you you you you you come on down to this beach
We’ll dance around
Be young and fun
Everything you wanna be
And you’ll see me, you’ll see me
You’ll see me, you’ll see me


About the song:

Vocals/music composition/lyrics/ukulele: Therese J
Bass/mixing: Dan Grubbs. Drums:Raul

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If you like the images that have been used to illustrate this short story, they have been edited, the first photo is from morguefile.com by MarcusL, the SoundCloud photo is taken by me. All the GIFs are from giphy.com

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