Getting Creative



A new year has started, and I have also made some changes here on the blog. I would really like this blog to become a fun and creative place and since I have expanded a bit on what type of posts I make since I started, I’ve also decided on changing my tagline. The old one – READ THE STORY AND FIND THE SONG– has been changed to – GETTING CREATIVE – or full version:

GETTING CREATIVE- combining my short stories with the music I make (read the story and you’ll find the song), making audio stories (for those of you who prefer to listen), posts about my music, poems (or really, really short stories as I like to call them πŸ˜‰), throwing in some quotes for inspiration and sometimes I try to draw something too (not very successfully I might add) 😊.


Today I will do my best to make an audio story and I thought I would start with The Thief, if everything goes well tomorrow will be the first Storytelling Sunday with an audio story 😊. I hope you’re all doing well and that the new year has been a fresh start!


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If you like the images that have been used to illustrate this post they have all been edited, but they are from The first mosaic- photo is by diannehope (owl), lauramusikanski (books) and lisaleo (landscape) and then these photos are presented individually.

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