Twinkle Twinkle

Hey everyone 😊

I hope you all are having a great weekend! So it is time for an update on my drawing/painting, she is still trying to find herself as you can see… but let’s start from where I stopped the last time 😊

Well I am not happy with the mouth, so let’s change that first…

Wow… that is a lot of make-up it seems (does make me think of a clown)…and not quite what I was looking for. Need to focus and get that mouth in better shape 😊

Ok I think it is better, although it might make her look a little bit like she is angry or annoyed… maybe she is 😉

I got the feeling she might be going to a party… I’m just going to go with it. She should be going to a party, after all it is the weekend 😉

Yeah… it is definitely party time. She almost reminds me of Cleopatra at this point 😊

So this is how she ended up this time, all dressed up and ready to go out 😊 (and so am I). However, I have a feeling she doesn’t want to end up like this, so she will be back and her quest to become (whatever she wants to become) will continue 😉

By the way I am making a song again, and I will post something about it soon. It I called: Hey, hey my love, and I hope you all will want to hear it 😊. Do you prefer that I post it on spotify or soundcloud? (or maybe something else?)

Have a great weekend!

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