An Artsy Saturday

Hi, you guys 😊

So, I am having an “artsy” Saturday it seems, and I just wanted to update you on my Wacom “drawing” that I have been developing. So I made some changes in a previous post

But now I am erasing those changes and trying to make a new version of her. Always fun to try something different, so this is where I started to make changes this time.

Well, first of all it does look like she has four eyebrows, doesn’t it? 😉  So I will try to fix that and add so more color to the forehead.

Some problems seem to be fixed, but she doesn’t really look “right”…. Now I need to add some more crazy eyeshadow to make this work I think, and I guess also remove the purple eyebrows that I for some reason had before.

Although I do like the blue hair, it would be fun to have some “paint” in it, so let’s do that 😊

This picture looks very soft, so I thought it might be a good idea to try to bring the “edge” back into the picture.

Now this feels “artsy” 😉 Kind of interesting to have so strong lines against the soft feeling of the image, and I thought it would be fun to take it even further…

Always fun to experiment with colors like this, and very easy with the Wacom tablet. I am pretty impatient, and it is always great to be able to try out a new idea, and then just erase it if It doesn’t work. I probably wouldn’t do great with a real painting…. 😉 So I wanted some more colors into the picture again, and change the hair, give it more of an “ocean” feeling.

This ended up as my final picture in this Wacom session, feels like it got a story. Like she got a story. I like the contrast, the soft and the edgy of it. A real crazy looking image, but it does give me that feeling that the image has a story something that should be told (and like every writer that is the feeling I go for 😉) I did do another picture with more lines, but I think that it became perhaps “too much”.

I also had fun with deactivating some of the layers to end up with a different effect. Also showing how easy you can get a mix of different ideas. I kind of like it.

And just for fun I made this crazy one. Truly “artsy” I would say 😊

I hope you had fun looking at the images, and let me know if you have a favorite, or an idea for something that would be cool to do.

I have recently downgraded my WordPress site back to the Premium plan as I wasn’t really using the features from the Business plan (and I am not really much of a Business either 😉) so there might be some things wrong some places on the blog, and if you spot something let me know.

Have a great “artsy” weekend!

(And if you’re bored, you could always check out some of mye other posts 😉)

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  1. Brad Osborne

    Hilde, it is a joy to walk through the process that is your art. For someone who is not graphically artistic, I am mesmerized by what you see and imagine. My favorite by far is the fifth iteration where you bring back the “edge” with strong line work. Thanks for sharing your gift!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lostperci

    She’s getting to be a very interesting lady! I think the colour change could be part of the story. Sort of like the Incredible Hulk changes skin colour with anger. The eyes are lovely by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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