Silly Art


I hope you all are doing well 😊 and that you will like this “silly art post”. I haven’t really had that much time to work with my Wacom tablet lately, but then I just took some time to experiment the other day. I guess with writing I have always been good at prioritizing and I always make time to write, but with the music and the drawing I can sometimes let it go too much time between each time I find time for it. Probably not a good thing, I guess it is better to make some time to do a little, than to let weeks go by because you can’t find enough time.

Drawing (or whatever I should call this digital way of drawing) is just so much fun, makes me feel like a kid again 😊. Anyways this is the reason for the silly art post, I had some fun and made some simple stuff 😊. 

So let’s kick the post off with the first silly “art piece” – Starry sky 😉

(Who doesn’t like some colourful stars? 😉)

It can be quite easy to make interesting patterns on the Wacom tablet as there is a function that let’s you mirror everything you draw. Kind of interesting really that everything becomes strangely beautiful if it is symmetrical… don’t know if you agree, but here comes a symmetrical drawing (which almost reminds me of a clock now that I look at it… 😊)

Well, I guess this is a start, but I thought it would be fun to take it further, and so I did….

Almost like a “fantasy clock”, no idea why the clock idea got stuck in my head, but it kind of reminds me of it now… although in the next picture it becomes even weirder….

(Pretty weird looking at this point… )

Well if some colour is good then more must be better? 😉 (Actually, I probably think the second picture is the most beautiful pattern and just enough colour, but it is fun to take it to the extreme as well)

(This makes me think of some crazy clock portrait of that clock that talks in the movie beauty and the beast … 😉)

Well, so I played around with patterns for a while, and then I thought it would be fun to see how I would look if the program painted a portrait of me (basically just means that you upload a photo of yourself and it takes about 30 seconds for it to make a version) – in these times when I guess none of us can really afford a painter it would be fun to see a oil painting or a watercolour painting of myself I thought….. so here is the picture I chose for my portrait…

And the talented little computer got to work and in a couple of minutes it had made everything from watercolour paintings to drawings to oil painting… damn that computer is definitely better than me 😉

So that was it for this silly art post, but there might be more of them as I do enjoy just experimenting with the Wacom-tablet and trying new things… just too much fun 😊.

I’ll end the post with another pattern, and then I hope you all liked this “silly art post” 😊

Have a great day!

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