Christmas Song & Story: Jingle Bells


I just wanted to drop by and say Merry Christmas to you all, and share a Christmas song and story with you 😊. I have to warn you they are a both a bit untraditional…

I did promise that I would try to finish my cover version of Jingle Bells, and I have tried my best. I do travel away from my music equipment at Christmas so I have to admit I didn’t get time to mix it and polish it the way I would want to, but I think it is good enough to publish at least. I guess if I waited with publishing it until I got back to my music equipment again, it wouldn’t be ready before in January… and somehow I don’t think people are into Jingle Bells in January. 😉

This is a very different version of Jingle Bells. I originally made a ukulele version of Jingle Bells that sounds a bit melancholic. I have now tried to make it even more different by adding some more virtual instruments and even some jingle bells and some wind (would really love to give you the feeling that you are actually sitting on that sleigh 😊).

You can listen to it here or download it and I will also make it available from my permanent download music page.

Jingle Bells – cover version by Hilde T. Juvodden
Since I weren’t able to get the horse and the jingle bells in the same picture, I chose to have them separately… can’t blame a girl for trying … 😉

Okay so now you heard my new cover version of Jingle Bells, and maybe you would like to read a different kind of Christmas story, it is one of my old MyStoriesWithMusic posts so if you read the story you will find that the song plays a special role in it. If you are tempted, here it is – Broken Jingle Bells

The song in this story is my original cover version of Jingle Bells when I am just playing the ukulele and singing, so then you can have a listen to it as well if you want to 😊. I personally prefer the new version I made, because I thought it became a bit monotonous to have just the ukulele and singing through such a long song.

Okay so since I have provided a lot of untraditional Christmas music and quite an untraditional story here, I’ll throw in a traditional Christmas tree to make up for it! 😊

I have actually posted this Christmas tree picture before… so this is very much in the spirit of Christmas where things just keep on repeating themselves 😉

Okay so I hope that this post was a bit fun for you and that you liked some of the different covers or the very strange story.

Merry Christmas to you all!

  I know … I know… this is not a real snowman, but it is super cute though 😊

If you like the images that have been used to illustrate this post, they are from The photos have been edited, but the first photo is by DeduloPhotos, the second photo is by MagCindy, the third photo is by larsmarkusson and the fourth photo is by JasonGillman

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