What have I been up to?


I just wanted to stop by and give you guys a little Christmas update.

I have recently decided that I should be a bit more active on Instagram. I know I am always late at starting up with everything, mostly I start up with things when everyone else are tired of it. This is true for Soundcloud, my blog and now Instagram. I am kind of the opposite of someone that seems to always be doing the right thing at the right time… (Sounds great, doesn’t it 😉).

Anyways… since I now am pretty active on Instagram (one picture a day, which I consider to be “very” active) this means that I am kind of documenting my life (at least more than before 😊). I therefore thought that it might be fun to make a little blog post about what I have been doing these last few days and add some of the pictures here as well. Sort of like a “personal”/ ”everyday life” blog post, although those words makes me cringe. I am not sure I like sharing anything about myself and I prefer people not to know me… (this is a good start to a blog post 😉 right?). However, I do like to read other people’s personal blog posts so why not give it a go…

Let me kick this positive vibe of with a photo

A photo from the north where I go for my Christmas holiday 😊

I come from the north of Norway, so when the holiday started, I travelled by train for about 17 hours to get there… sound like fun right?  😉

It was totally okay, I really like trains and I am trying my best to use them as much as I can when I travel. I actually feel like time can pass pretty quickly when you’re sitting on a train, listening to a book (because I still prefer audio books), writing something or looking out the window. It ain’t so bad…

I have also noticed since I recently travelled from Oslo to Copenhagen by train that travelling seems like more of a “big deal” when you do it by train (probably just because it takes a lot more time and it really feels like you’re going far even if it is just from Norway to Denmark 😊). Also for “geographically challenged” people like myself (I tend to not even remember where I have been…) it is a good thing to travel slow and get a true sense of where everything really is.

I don’t work for a train company or anything, although it probably sounds like I do… 😉

Okay so now we’re done with the train talk and although I am sure it was really fascinating, let’s move on. So my next documentation for Instagram (and now also this blog it seems like…) was this magical little fellow.

He does look like he is having fun, doesn’t he?

I have always liked snow globes, and this one was a gift from a friend of mine many years ago. Hopefully he can put a Christmas smile on your face as well 😊

Okay so next up was me trying to take a “Christmas selfie” in the north. I don’t really love selfies and it gets dark pretty fast in the north. So, if you want to be outside and get the winter look you really have to work for it 😉. I was being a lazy Norwegian so when I finally went outside it was already too dark leading to this pretty bad quality selfie…. which I didn’t post (until now I guess…)

I ended up with a “pale and tired” selfie the next day instead 😉 (and that one I am not posting here because one selfie is definitely enough for a blog post…)

Okay so enough about the Instagram problems of the north… I am now in another part of Norway called Trysil for some days and I do love to take pictures of all the snow and beautiful trees. It has that wonderful winter wonderland feeling 😊. I will therefore end with a picture from here (the main photo for the post in the beginning is also from Trysil).

Let me know if you like these types of posts and maybe I will make more.

By the way I might get some time with my music equipment soon and then I will try to make something new, but until then you can still listen to and download the Christmas songs:

Jingle Bells

Deck the Halls

And if you’re fed up with Christmas and want to listen to something totally different, you can go for The Traveler for example:

Or maybe The Storyteller:

Or you can listen to some of the other songs I have on my Download Music page.

I hope you all are still having a great holiday!

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If you felt tempted to follow me on Instagram, here is the account😉:

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  1. Jolene

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas! So jealous that you have so much snow in your part of the world. I’ve always remembered Norway as a beautiful country, so tranquil and picturesque and the people are so warm-hearted! Keep up the Instagram and blogging – it’s never too late to join the party. 😊🎄

    Liked by 1 person

      1. MyStoriesWithMusic

        Hmm… on Christmas Eve some places in Norway kids go from door to door to get candy. This tradition I think started in a time were people were poorer and did this to get extra food for Christmas, but now it means extra candy for the kids 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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