Song project – I need some water


I hope you’re all well and safe in these strange times!

I thought I would post a different kind of music project here, sort of a work in progress. A song that I really like in some ways, but that I still kind of think is a mess in other ways (sounds great, doesn’t it 😉).  It is one of my old songs and was called “I need some water.” Sort of a song for a really hot summer day I guess (maybe that is what we dream of here in Norway 😊). The project was to be honest kind of a silly project in the first place, but a lot of fun.  

I am not the one playing the guitar for this song, the guitar is just small samples that are free with Logic Pro X so you can put them together as you want to. I think they are some kind of blues samples. I just thought it was so much fun with a totally different kind of guitar sound than what I am usually able to make for my songs, and the song itself is also a little different than what I usually make. My plan is to give it a make-over, keep what’s good and try to fix what isn’t, and why not make it a project for this blog 😉. If you want to hear the first minute (and probably the best minute of the song) you can listen to it and watch my little summer video from the park at the same time:

If you want to hear the whole song (which is a bit of a mess) you can visit my SoundCloud page 😊 or you can go to my permanent Download Music page and listen to some other songs.

By the way the pictures for this post are also from the park. Oslo has gotten really green and beautiful these days, which is good for everyone’s mood. 😊

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  1. lostperci

    Beautiful images! Nice bit of slide guitar too! The songs fine, just a bit fast for a blues. Maybe try slowing right down? I’m visualising someone in the desert begging “water, water”.

    Liked by 2 people

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