bildeI’m a girl from Oslo in Norway and I started this blog because I wanted to combine my to favorite hobbies; writing short stories and making music.

In my first posts (MyStoriesWithMusic-posts) the stories and the music are linked in some way, but they are not necessarily about the same theme. They have the same title, and as you read the story you will find the song in the story in some way. I prefer to think of these posts like a coffee cup and a little cookie, they have something in common, but they are still pretty different.

So you might drink your coffee (or listen to the song in this case) but when you take a bite of the cookie (or the story) it might still surprise you.
coffee_morgue_pastel_OilPainting_higQHowever, since then it has escalated into new creative posts, if less is more, then more must be even better, right? 😉



I still wanted it to be about my stories and my music, so now the blog got some really, really short stories (or poems as other people would call them 😉). I also have posts about the music as it is being made as well as looking back on the old songs.

I am a huge fan of audio books and I have therefore decided that from January 6th 2019 I will start making my stories into audio stories that you can listen to on Sundays (or Storytelling Sunday as I am going to call it 😊)


The “beautiful” drawing you see of the very happy girl is one of my latest addition to the blog with my own little Wacom-tablet creating very childish illustrations just for fun. Why not, right? To top it all off sometimes I even put a quote out there if I think someone has said something about stories and music that I like 😊.

Glad you took the time to drop by. Don’t be a stranger. 😊



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If you like the images that has been used to illustrate this post, the drawing is by me, but the second, fourth mosaic photo and last photo is from morguefile.com. They have been edited, but the original photo is by WhorthyofElegance (second photo), owl – diannehope, landscape – lisaleo, books- lauramusikanski (mosaic photo) violetdragonfly (last photo).

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