Let go of your thoughts


So, here comes another music post and this time the song is a bit on the dark side… The song Obsession was made for the story that you can read here: Obsession

I guess it is a dark, strange song for a dark, strange story. I have tried to capture the feeling of the story in the song at least and the lyrics do sound a bit disturbing if I may say so myself…


This song isn’t that old, actually from the wonderful(?) year of 2017, and this is also one of those songs where I have done everything myself (which let’s face it, is probably my favorite way to do things 😉). The song sounds a bit like it is inspired by India with the drums and some of the instruments, so apparently I do like other styles of music, not just the tropical style (who knew?) 😊


This GIF does look kind of scary, so I thought that it might fit this time. Obsession, both the story and the song, is meant to make you feel like you go to a very different place. I do enjoy writing stories that feels like you are just getting a small peek into a world that is very different, and this time I guess the song also fits that description pretty well 😊



Don’t you know me now?
You see me now
Waiting for you
Let go of your thoughts
Let go of your life
Follow me

Don’t you know me now?
I’m all you have
All you need
I’m all of your thoughts
I’m all of your life
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me

Do you see it now?
I’m in your mind
Waiting for you
Obsession, is that me?
Am I more than you need?
Follow me

Don’t be careful now
Don’t be afraid of me
Obsession in your mind
Obsession in your soul
Do you see?

scary window-gif

(I know that this GIF is meant to be scary, but everything with cats is always kind of cute 😊 )

About the song:
Singing/Lyrics/music composition/mixing: Therese J (Me)

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If you like the images that have been used to illustrate this post, the first and the second photo(SoundCloud) is from morguefile.com. The photos have been edited, but they were taken by Jusben. The GIFs are from giphy.com

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