Can you see the blinking lights?

So it is still spring and soon it will be summer, so I am continuing my music posts with another one of my summer songs. It is time for “Tropical Spaceship.” A kind of “tropical house- chill on the beach- wait for the spaceship to come get you”- kind of song 😉

This is one of the first songs of this type that I made and really enjoyed, combining two things that normally aren’t together with the tropical and the spaceship,  something that I think would be pretty great if it did exist 😊

I have done everything myself (with a little help from my alien friends? 😉) the instruments, singing, mixing and mastering, but as you probably can guess this song has more electronic instruments. The lyrics are also very simple, but sometimes maybe keeping it simple is better?

The story that I made for this song is equally crazy as the song, or to be honest, probably crazier. You can read it here: Tropical Spaceship

Tropical Spaceship

Can you see its blinking lights, coming down for us?

The beach is going wild as they pick us up

It’s a freaking spaceship

It’s come

Gonna take us away

About the song:
Singing/Lyrics/music composition/mixing: Therese J (Me)

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If you like the images that have been used to illustrate this the first and the second(SoundCloud) photo is from The photos have been edited, but they are taken by Jusben. The GIFs are from

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