Do you have any advice about editors?

So, this will be a different type of post than I normally do, because I need some advice (this explains the picture of the wondering dog I hope πŸ˜‰)

Being an Norwegian I am not sure about a lot of things when it comes to trying to get a book published in USA/England. I understand that you send to literary agents first (we actually don’t do this is Norway, probably because it is a super small country…). Before you send to literary agents is it common to pay for professional editing? Since English isn’t my first language I would also be super happy if anyone knows a good copy editor that they can recommend? 😊

Hilde T

(And another picture of an animal that seems to be wondering about something, I never get to use these images in other posts so here’s my chance 😊)


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  1. lostperci

    Lots of people self-publishing nowadays. If you’re going ebook, you can work via the likes of Amazon and iBooks and place your own work. There are also crowdfunding sites for authors who will help you publish and print. If you want to go the traditional route, I really recommend a copy of the Writer’s Yearbook, an excellent guide to editors, agents and publishing companies. Good luck with it Hilde! I’ll be rooting for you!

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  2. theceaselessreaderwrites

    Hilde, not too long ago some Blogger posted a review of Grammarly, and I’ve seen several other posts promoting it and extolling its virtues. Not having made any serious attempt to get published and being a former English professor, I have little need for a copy editor myself so can’t recommend any, sorry.

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  3. fannywrites

    I have used a professional to critique my work. I have to say I haven’t sold those manuscripts. So using a paid editor doesn’t guarantee an agent or publisher accepting our work. But if you can afford it, it’s a good idea to have another pair of eyes look at your work
    Right now I’m in an online critique group. None of us are published. Some write better than they critique and vice versa. See if you can find a critique partners online.
    I’m trying to find an agent. In the US, many publishers will look at material submitted by an agent only.
    What kind of book do you want to publish? for adults or for children?

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    1. MyStoriesWithMusic

      Thank you for advice, it was very useful! πŸ™‚ I have also been a bit skeptical of using a professional to critique my work, but I have thought of copy editing. I am writing a book for adults called Sunflower Land. πŸ™‚


  4. CWrightsonAuthor

    Hi. Try the writers workshop website in the UK. I think they are changing thier name to Jericho writers. Im from UK but working and writing from Azerbaijan. They offer a full service and give you examples of how your feedback will be delivered to u before you sign up. If your book is good they will help you find a publisher too. Good luck x

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  5. denisebaer

    Hi Hilde, I went the Indie route, but I do know you need a literary agent for representation. The Writer’s Market has a full listing of literary agents, magazines, etc. divided up by genre. Here’s their site to look over:

    This is a link to my editor’s blog post about types of editing. I think it’s very useful when it comes to deciding what kind of editing you need. You can also check out her editing services.

    Whatever route you choose, a clean manuscript is one of the most important aspects of publishing. Best of luck!

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  6. RavenclawPride

    I’m American, but parts of my ancestry date back to Norway, so I’m also Norwegian! Anyways I’m planning to self publish. I think finding an editor shouldn’t be too hard. I have an editor, but i’m not sure if she works for clients across the pond. And thank you for following!

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  7. marc douglas photography

    Hi hilde…
    Ive done a bit of freelance journalism n dealt with lots of editors…hard copy n digital submissions.

    Eds are pretty forgiving n really only want readily marketable material.
    Which from our side is an interesting story that doesnt need correcting…fairly obvious.

    Im always dubious of middlemen…especially online.
    The internet is a sharkpool.
    Stuff gets copied or sold out from underneath you.

    Personally id just get someone proficient in english that you trust to do any grammar correcting and avoid all the critics.
    Stay true to your work n polish it into marketable shape.

    Then approach the publishing houses with the final manuscript.
    Most have online submission options or mail options.
    Always smart to mail yourself a hardcopy before with a date stamped on it in case someone tries to poach it later on…and dont open it.

    Good stuff sells…and gets stolen.
    Minimise the risk n deal directly with the buyer… after youve got it squeaky clean n covered your tracks…haha


    Viking blood here too…nelson family line

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    1. MyStoriesWithMusic

      Thank you, a lot of good advice πŸ™‚ I haven’t yet decided how to deal with the editor problem, because I have to admit that I too find it difficult to trust people (and pay them) if I only know them online. Oh well, I will probably figure it out in the end πŸ™‚ Always fun to meet another “Viking” πŸ˜‰ (although I’m not sure, if they were the best ambassadors for peace in their time, most “vikings” now days are pretty laid-back πŸ™‚ )

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      1. MyStoriesWithMusic

        No that’s okay, I have some friends that are helping me out. Since I’m a Norwegian I probably have to do copy editing, I just have to decide on a copy editor. Would just be easier if I could knock on somebody office instead of doing research online πŸ™‚

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