New Song – Summer breeze

Hi, I hope you’re all well in these strange times.

I have had more time to make music these days since there are so few social things happening, so that is at least one good thing. My new song is called Summer Breeze and I wanted it to be a cheerful, “everything will work out in the end” kind of song. I guess kind of inspired by these times when I think a lot of people need a break sometimes (including myself 😊). Spring has come to Oslo, and everything does feel more beautiful and light again, so it felt about time to make a new spring/summer song. Surprisingly, the song was finished before I had anticipated, I guess sometimes it just falls into place. You just make a melody you like and before you know it the song is finished. I hope you’ll like it!

You can listen to the song or download it here, and I it will also be available on my permanent Download Music page. I have also added the lyrics underneath if you want to read 😊.

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze by Hilde Therese

By the way the pictures for the post is from my trip to Australia. I have also made a little video for one minute of the song since I post it on Instagram as well. The first half is from the harbor in Oslo and the second half is from a walk when I saw a sailboat 😊.

I´ll also add one of my other summer songs The Beach and one of my new songs with a bit of a darker atmosphere So dark in here if you want to listen:

The Beach

The Beach by Hilde Therese

So dark in here

So dark in here by Hilde Therese

Summer Breeze

Verse 1

I can see you’re struggling now

Thinking all things are dark

And you’re getting nowhere now

But don’t you forget about me

And the things that I can do

And I will take you far away

Just close your eyes with me now

Relax and try to breathe now

Think of a place

You wanna go



It seems we’re down at the beach now

Can feel the waves on my feet now

All you want

All you want

Is just a moment away

Feel the sand

Feel the breeze

And feel the waves

All you need is just to breathe

On our beach far far away


Middle part

It seems we’re down at the beach now

Feel the sand under your feat now

All you want

All you want


Verse 2

I can feel your heart beat now

All things will not go wrong

I will fix them all somehow

Don’t you forget about us

And all the thing we’ve been through

We will be fine

I promise you

Just close your eyes with me now

Relax and try to breathe now

Think of a place

You wanna go

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